100 Days Into 2017

The Beach at Bergen aan Zee (The Netherlands)

Yesterday marked the hundredth day of the year, which means today is Day 101. The first day of the next hundred days of the year. Coincidently, it’s also just a hair over a year since the last time I published anything here. So, now seems a good a time as any to start publishing on my blog again.

I’ve not published here in a while because I’ve found myself feeling more introspective than expressive over the last year. Like I’ve just been taking it all in and processing everything. I’ve had some huge life changes occur in the past year and what I needed was to experience them and be in them before I could write about them. I didn’t have the words then and I feel that I’m just starting to find the words now. This is my first step in expressing them out loud (read: publicly).

Further along on the milestone path, this weekend will mark one full year since Jeremy left his full-time job as an engineer and we ostensibly started our life as “digital nomads” (a sort of lame term, but I don’t have a better one yet). For the past year, we’ve been living our life on the road, renting rooms and apartments, or staying with friends and family. It’s been an interesting and happy existence, one that I will explore more thoroughly in later posts.

So, 100 days into 2017. Now what? Now’s the time to tend to and nurture the seeds I planted late last year and earlier this year. At the end of this month I’m hitting my six month anniversary with my very first client (I now work as an executive virtual assistant), and I’m at just about a month with my second client. One client is a CEO of a start-up and the other is a VC for an established firm. It’s an interesting position for me and one that I will explore here through my writing. I’m growing into both of these roles, and I see them both expanding as I gain more experience with my respective clients and their companies.

I’m actually feeling excited that I’m writing for publishing again. I’ve continued the writing part, uninterrupted: I’ve still been keeping up my daily journaling habit–I’m at 1,367 days and counting–but I’ve not been publishing much of anything. Even on our Culicurious and Culture Curious sites, I’ve written hardly any of the content these past few months. Jeremy’s been doing the heavy lifting there, but I’m slowly coming back. I feel myself springing to life again, excited to write and express myself. I feel thoughtful and hopeful. I feel good.

Welcome back to me! Yay! I’m glad I’ve taken this step. Happy to have put myself back out there again. If you’re reading and have made it this far, thanks. You’re one of the few who bother and that’s something I greatly appreciate about you–the time you take to read, to care. It’s a rare gift these days–someone’s attention–and I’m thankful anytime it comes my way! Until next time, live, love, laugh, and learn. That’s what I’ll be doing!