Addie K Martin

Hi, I’m Addie!

I provide Operations/Administrative support and Executive Assistant services for small start-ups and venture capital firms. I am a self-starter who is meticulous about details. Basically, I take care of the administrative work so that executives can focus on their core strengths and what matters most to them: serving their customers/clients, growing their companies, and preparing for the future. This way everyone plays to their strengths—I sweat the small stuff while the executives I work for and work with focus on the big picture!

Before I transitioned into working into the EA/Operations realm, I previously worked as a writer, editor, and researcher. I focused most of my efforts on my sites: this one, Culicurious, and Culture Curious. I even researched, wrote, and published a book with my husband Jeremy, called “Southeast Louisiana Food: A Seasoned Tradition” (The History Press/Arcadia Publishing, 2014).  I’ve not been pursuing my writing and culture work but it’s still important to me and those sites remain live to this day.

Other fun facts about me: Jeremy and I travel basically full-time, which is why working remotely works so well for me. We bought a van in August of 2017, and we spent nearly all of 2018 on a road trip in the U.S. We enjoy traveling to new places and figuring out how to work/live/thrive in new environments. We love exploring new cultures and figuring out how to be a local wherever we are. We also have a passion for helping those in need and are quite proud of the various causes we support.

On a personal note: I’m a sensitive introvert by nature, but I love connecting one-on-one with people. I truly enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories. It’s a pleasure to get to know people and learn about them. I’m quite curious and generally seek to understand everything I encounter. I know that knowledge is power, but it’s rather useless unless it’s accompanied by action. I am a caring, loving, courageous, and kind individual. My heart is big, and I’m ready to help with an encouraging word, open ear, and/or a huge hug.

Where my passions and interests lie:

  • Reading
  • Coffee
  • The Outdoors / Walking / Hiking / Camping
  • Travel (Domestic + International; Road Trips)
  • Peaceful Living / Simple Living / Quiet Living
  • Diversity + Equality
  • Women’s Issues (because they’re actually issues that affect us ALL)
  • Cooking / Recipe Development / Dining / Cocktails
  • Writing / Editing / Research / Word Nerdry

If you’d like to dig further into my CV/Resume click over to my LinkedIn profile.