Addie K Martin

Hi, I’m Addie! I’m primarily an executive virtual assistant (EVA) but I’m also a writer, a researcher, an author, a speaker, and an editor.

Writing, researching, reading, and deep thinking are my turn-ons. I primarily spend my workdays on EVA-related tasks and then when I have time, researching and writing for this and my other websites: Culicurious and Culture Curious. To dig further into my actual CV/resume, click over to my LinkedIn profile (yes, it’s up to date!).

Other fun facts about me: my husband Jeremy and I travel full-time, which is why the freelance writer lifestyle works so well for me. I love traveling to new places and figuring out how to work/live/thrive in new environments. We both also love exploring new cultures and figuring out how to be a local wherever we are.

I’m also a sensitive introvert by nature, but I love connecting one-on-one with people. I truly enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories. It’s a pleasure to get to know people and learn about what makes them tick. I’m quite curious and generally seek to understand everything that comes into my sphere. I know that knowledge is power, but it’s rather useless unless it’s accompanied by action. I’m a caring, loving, courageous, and kind individual. My heart is big, and I’m ready to help with an encouraging word, open ear, and/or a huge hug.