An Ode to October

City Park in New Orleans

October is Jeremy’s and my favorite month here in New Orleans. It’s when we get the first hints of cooler weather. The hot, hot heat finally breaks and is put at bay until next year. It’s prime football season and if the Cardinals have done well that year, it’s post-season for baseball. It’s the last month with longer days so we have the chance to do more walking in the evenings. The sun gets heavy in the afternoons and is a warm, glowing color. It starts to feel like fall.

Basically, October reminds us why we live in New Orleans. We’ve just come off of summer, which normally is at least five to six months long. Granted, we did get a break this year. Most of October was really nice. We did have some warm days, but we definitely had more nice days than warm days this month. That’s a net win for sure. Some years it’s November before we get consistently nice weather. This year, Mother Nature delivered. In the last two and a half weeks, I’ve maybe had to run the AC a cumulative of two days total. Not bad. Can’t wait to see my electricity bill!

This October brought an extra special treat – our book was released on October 7th! How awesome. It’s totally fitting that we’d be able to celebrate such a special moment in our lives in our favorite month of the year. We had just a few events this month, but they all went really well. Our launch party at Pearl Wine Co. was a blast. Our first book talk at Maple Street Books was well attended (thankfully!), and our appearance/book talk/demo at the French Food Festival was very fun and enjoyable. We’ve successfully launched the book and are poised for many more successful events to come.

As I said earlier, October is also a good month because it’s prime football and potentially still baseball season for us. While our football isn’t going as well as normal – the Saints defense is just not clicking this year and Drew Brees is doing fairly well but not as over-the-top awesome as he usually is. Combined, it gives the Saints a 3-4 record that’s been uncommon in the last few years. But they beat the Packers pretty badly on Sunday so perhaps that’s the start of a turn around. Or not. We’ll see. October started off kindly to our beloved Cardinals. We won our division, and we won the NLDS. However, we were beat pretty badly in the NLCS by San Francisco, mostly because we were playing horribly. It was disappointing to lose, but hey, when your team is playing like crap, it’s kind of hard to feel bad. Such is life, said the Cardinals fan (that’s me). I’m already looking forward to March (spring training).

Jeremy and I have definitely made good use of October’s longer days. On the days that we were home and free after work, we’d take long walks around the neighborhood, mostly in City Park. We’ve taken pictures and spent time enjoying the park that’s just steps away from our home. We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful part of New Orleans. We’re very close to City Park and Bayou St. John. We have easy access to New Orleans’s best outdoors activities. Thankfully, we are really just at the beginning of us being able to do more outdoors stuff, though right after work is going to be more difficult now that Daylight Savings Time is ending on Sunday (booooooo). For the next couple of months, it’ll basically be dark when Jeremy gets off of work. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of October!

We also made great use of the cooler evenings. Several times over the course of the month we’d drive down to the Quarter and just walk around and see stuff. Jeremy prefers to get his exercise by taking long walks. I like to take long walks to supplement my exercise. It really works out well. The French Quarter is a nice place to be on evenings when the weather is cool. It’s typically moderately busy, no matter what’s going on. Obviously it gets super busy but we didn’t encounter that on any of our visits. We like to go up near the river and feel the cool breeze. Some nights we stop in at Spitfire Coffee and grab coffees for the walk. We rarely drink or do anything extravagant down there these days. We try to look for the simple pleasures that an old place like the Quarter has to offer.

All in all, I’d say we had a pretty successful October. While I’m sad to see it come to a close, I know it’s time to move on. The year is winding down which means the holidays are right around the corner. I’m ready for them. They’re coming regardless so I might as well get ready. As October closes at midnight tonight, I’ll bid it a fond farewell. It was good to us, and I already look forward to the next one.

What about you? What’s your favorite month of the year? Tell me below and why you feel that way.