Fitness & wellness update: 9 months

Smoky Mountains National Park

Hi there! It’s really good to be back here with you after a full week off work. Jeremy and I vacationed in the Smoky Mountains for our anniversary and had so much fun doing so. But now I’m back in action at work and ready to keep forging ahead here. Today I’ve an update for you on my wellness and fitness journey. Let’s jump in…

The end of March marked the nine month mark in my efforts to clean up my diet (what I eat) and exercise more intensely and consistently. I’m pleased to say that from the end of December until now, I lost an additional eight pounds! I’m now down 25 pounds from where I started last July. That’s almost unbelievable to me. When I set out on this journey, I did not expect that I could lose that much weight.

In regards to my measurements of my hips, waist, and bust, I saw success there as well. I lost another 2.5 inches on my bust which brings my total inches lost to four. I don’t know how I lost so much this time around, but I guess that eight pounds had to come from somewhere! I actually gained about a half inch on my waist, but my total inches lost on my waist currently stands at 2.5 inches. I’ve seen more success with my hips as well. I lost only a half inch there, but my overall loss still stands at six inches. That’s, by far, my biggest loss area.

So how did I make this happen? Well, I stuck to my one processed carb plus one whole grain carb per day combination pretty well. Of course I had some cheat days in there, but I never went off the rails too badly. I stuck to my one drink per day average, which is great. Once or twice I had to borrow drinks from the week ahead, but I always managed to get back to one drink per day on average. The only exception to this was last week while I was on vacation. I suspended all my eating and drinking restrictions, but now I’m already back on track.

Additionally, I was originally going to stick with the same workout that I’d been doing. However, through a serendipitous encounter, I was able to get a free session with a trainer where she showed me how to do quite a few body weight resistance-based exercises. I ditched most of my other workout in favor of this new version. It seemed to be just a little more intense than the workout I was doing before so I gave it a go. I’m pleased to see that the change in routine has paid off.

So what’s next for the upcoming quarter? I’m going to keep my exercise the same as it’s been since the start of 2015. That seems to be working well so I’ll continue on with that. Just to recap, my workout is as follows: On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I do 30 minutes of various isometric and resistance training exercises followed by 20 minutes of cardio, typically a mix of the elliptical and walking on the treadmill. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do 30 minutes of mixed cardio along with some sit-ups on an inclined bench (these are also part of my M-W-F workout).

The change I’m making is in my diet (again, what I eat). I’m testing adding some carbs back into my diet to see if I can strike a better balance. Honestly, living with only one processed carb per day is still quite challenging. I’m still going to allow myself only one processed carb per day that’s actually food – pasta, bread, white rice, etc. But I am also adding in leeway for one additional snack carb every other day. That means that if I have a treat on Monday, I have to wait until Wednesday to have another one. My thinking is that this will help me strike a better balance of the snacks I enjoy with the need for nutritious and healthy food in my diet. I’m also hoping this will cut down on my total number of “cheat days.”

Further, I’m going to stick with my one drink per day policy. That’s served me well. I truly believe that this limiting of alcohol coupled with curbing my carb consumption have worked together to produce most of the results I’ve experienced thus far. The exercise and movement definitely boost my dietary efforts, but I truly believe that moderating my diet and alcohol intake has produced the majority of my success thus far.

I’m looking forward to what the next three months will bring. I’m curbing my expectations for additional weight and inches loss as I feel I’ve gotten most of the bulk off of me already, and now it’s going to be more about toning and refining. I’m down to 145 pounds, which is amazing for me. It’s been at least three (or more) years since I’ve been under 150. Additionally, with the inches I’ve shed, it’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve been as fit and svelte as I am now. Yay, progress!

Thanks again for being here with my on this journey. I’ve been enjoying making small incremental changes in my life and my diet to see what effects I can have on myself. I look forward to continuing this journey and the path of self-discovery that I’ve embarked upon.