Fitness & Wellness Update: 1 Year!

Addie in Central Park (NYC)

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well this fine holiday weekend. I’m off on vacation in New York, but I wanted to provide you with another quarterly update on my health and wellness journey. If you’ve been following along already, great! If not, you can catch up on my past posts from July 2014, October 2014, January 2015, and April 2015.

At this point, I’m one year along in my quest to eat fewer carbs, become more fit, and to get healthier than I was before. Overall, I’ve been quite successful in my endeavor. In total, I’ve lost 22 pounds and several inches from my hips, waist, and bust areas. My body looks better overall, and I feel much better about myself.

That’s the great overall news. The results of this past three month period were a little bit more mixed. I’ve gained back two pounds from my April check-in (which puts me at 147.5 pounds), but I’ve lost another inch on my waist (down to 29 inches). My bust remained consistent at 35 inches, but I gained half an inch on my hips, bringing me up to 36 inches. All in all, quite respectable numbers and in line with the progress I’ve shown over the last year.

But what to do now? As I reported earlier this spring, I’ve been exposed to a new way of thinking about and eating food that’s more in line with listening to my body and my wants/needs/desires, allowing those to be my guide. I’ve started with this process but admit that it’s been a little challenging. I’m committed to making it work, but, as with most things, it’s going to take some work to get it “right.”

So what’s changing for me? The main thing is that I’m going to test getting off of my carb limiting method of eating and instead focus on the messages and signals my body gives me. I’m also removing my “one drink per day” alcohol policy, again in favor of the “listening to my body” method. I’m going to check in with myself on weight and measurements after one month so make sure I’m on track. If not, I will make adjustments and see where I can improve.

Conversely, I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m going to hold steady. I’m still going to track my food with a daily food diary, and I’m definitely going to continue to use the healthy eating habits and methods I learned and refined over this last year. Those have been truly beneficial for me and have provided the basis for my weight and inches losses. I’m also going to keep my workout the same, basically (no big changes).

Finally, this will be my last blog post check-in on this topic for a while. I’m now going to check in every six months, since I’m now in a maintenance mode rather than a “loss” mode, as I was previously. This means I’ll be checking in again around the new year to see how things are going for me. It’s my hope that by that point, I’ve evolved even further in my eating habits and thinking patterns. Additionally, you may have already noticed that I’ve shifted my blog’s main focus to creativity and coaching content so this adjustment is a natural fit in that way, as well.

Overall, I’m pretty happy where I am. I’m not happy about gaining 2.5 pounds, but since my measurements netted in the positive direction, I’m calling it a wash. I basically stayed consistent in these last three months, and I really can’t ask for more than that. I feel like I’m approaching (or perhaps am already at) my body’s most natural and comfortable size and shape. Time will tell, but this body size and weight feels really good to me. I like what I see when I look at myself naked, and that’s huge. That right there makes all of this worthwhile.

As always, thank you for being with me on this journey. I recently had a friend ask me why I’d chosen to take this journey so publicly. He asked kindly and in good faith – he was genuinely curious! My answer to him was simple: I’m doing this anyway. I might as well be public about it and get the support and encouragement from my friends, family, and readers. Plus, it helps hold me accountable and gives me something larger to consider in this process.

I’m looking forward to what the next six months and beyond holds for me. I’m optimistic because I’ve learned some valuable lessons and things about myself. I’m learning to listen to my body and to discern wants from needs. I’m learning to balance my intake and make decisions based on what I really need, not just what might feel good for a moment. I’m honoring, loving, and respecting myself in the process, and that’s huge for me. That’s the biggest shift here overall.

Until January!!