Give pause for thought…

A long view from a fourth story window in southeastern Amsterdam.

I just got excited a little while ago when I read this article on Wired. Basically, it’s about how Air Bnb is starting an “invite only” marketplace for people to host paid meals in their homes. And how that’s pretty much illegal everywhere, especially in San Francisco, which is a point of the article’s focus. It’s a good example because SF has an extremely strong restaurant lobby there, according to the article.

I liked this article because it is advancing the dialogue regarding what it means to rent room or buy a meal. It’s actually a return to a time of long ago. Before systems and laws and the board of health and the IRS. Nowadays the government is tasked with saving us from ourselves, from testing our food supply to putting up traffic lights to force us to stop at dangerous highway intersections. Yet as time passes, and the seemingly sensible rules are challenged and bent and tested, it forces us to look at the issue from a different light.

Yes, it is technically wrong and illegal in most places – both the meals and the room renting. But if we get to a point where more people are in favor of a system like that, then how come the rules can’t just change? Oh, if it were that simple. Ideally, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The will of the people is supposed to prevail. In reality, more often, it’s the interest of a small few that’s considered and catered to. Sure, they’ll all filter it through the guise of being “helpful” and providing “security” and “stability” for people. And yes, while that may be true, it’s not the whole truth. And it’s the lack of acknowledgement of the whole truth these days that really has me in a ruffle.

If issues were examined these days from more sides, more points of view, would we perhaps come to different conclusions to vexing problems and seemingly unsolvable issues? What if we though,t for even a second, that we could be wrong? Or that there could be an answer we’re not even thinking about yet or aren’t even capable of conceiving yet? Wouldn’t that give you pause? It gives me pause. And I like that. I like to be challenged. I love to be confronted with a new possibility. One that appeals to my sense of logic and challenges the status quo. One that makes so much sense when I look at it on one hand, that I think we’re all crazy as hell for not already doing it.

Being challenged in a positive manner is something I crave. Something I get so much pay off from. It helps me grow. Expands my mind, my perspective, and therefore, my world. And it makes me a better woman…. hell, a much better human. And I like that. That’s what I want.

What about you? Thought about something in a new light lately? Have you given pause to something that interests or confuses or scares or excites you? Tell me!