I’ve been everywhere, man…

I've been everywhere, man!

I have that great old song (the Johnny Cash version) running through my head because lately, I feel like I’ve been… well, not everywhere, but quite a few places, especially on the weekends, where we were literally somewhere new each weekend.

Here’s the list of everywhere visited, from the last four weeks:

  • Weekend of May 13-14: Budapest
  • Weekend of May 20-21: Oegstgeest/Leiden/Den Haag
  • Weekend of May 27-28: London
  • Weekend of June 3-4: Amsterdam
  • Thurs-Fri June 8-9: New York City
  • Weekend of June 10-11: Upstate New York

Those are just the highlights but damn, it’s been a long few months. I’m glad to be settling in in Upstate New York for a little while, to reset my bearings and rest a bit before heading home to Louisiana. Taking time for myself, resting, and practicing good self-care have been difficult at times, but in the end, I’ve made good choices, and I’m feeling good. Woo-hoo!