Nuggets of Wisdom

"Happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice. You choose the life you want to live." - Addie K Martin

Hey there, today I’m doing a round up post of sorts. Last week I was reading back over some old blog posts, and I realized that I have a quite a few nuggets of wisdom floating around in old blog posts. Today I’d like to highlight some of those for you. I’ve linked back to the original blog post if you’d like to see the broader context of the post. Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

The Importance of Doing Nothing – It’s only in the last few years that I’ve been able to see downtime as the necessary rest and relaxation that I need to refuel my body to keep up high performance levels. I erroneously thought in the past that I needed to maintain a high pace all the time. I thought this was the key to productivity and getting ahead. Little did I realize that I was slowly killing myself, quashing my productivity, and draining my energy reserves. I was actually harming more than helping myself. (Link to original post)

Meet Yourself Where You Are – With something as variable as our moods, minds, and mental states, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Cut yourself slack when you need it and forge on ahead when you feel it’s within your capacity. Meeting yourself where you are is a much more productive course of action than fighting where you are. Make the most of it, and move forward from whatever foundation you find yourself on that day. In the end, you may even surprise yourself with how well you can do, despite where you started. (Link to original post)

Happiness or Misery: It’s Your Choice – Happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice. Taking that a step further, you choose the life you want to live. Sure, you can be the victim of random occurrences – a garbage truck waking you at 4am; someone cutting you off in traffic – or you can simply realize, acknowledge and accept that bad stuff happens, that most of it is largely out of your control, and that you, and only you have, the power to decide how you will react to all of it and how it will affect the rest of your day and ultimately, your life. (Link to original post)

Driving Forces – To be successful in work, especially work that’s hard or difficult or just plain lengthy, it takes a deep well of driving forces to keep us moving forward. For some people, it’s drawing on self-discipline. For others, maintaining motivation is the key. Some can be successful by knowing what their priorities are and sticking to them. Others still are moved by the amount of dedication they have for their pursuit. You may find yourself drawing on one of these or all of these, at some point. There’s no right or wrong. What matters is what keeps you moving forward. What matters is keeping that momentum. And yes, what matters is what ends up being a driving force for you. (Link to original post)

The Importance of Self-Confidence – Self-confidence is critical because to get ahead and to be successful, you have to stretch yourself out of current comfort zones and into new challenge zones. This means that you’ll feel stretched. This also means that you’ll be uncomfortable. When you have self-confidence, you’ll gain the foresight and the belief in yourself to know that you can work through these things and get to the other side, successfully. With self-confidence, you can see those challenges as opportunities instead of struggles and roadblocks. (Link to original post)

Battling Perfectionism – One way I’m combating perfectionism is with mindfulness and awareness. When I’m practicing being in a mindful and aware mental state, I ensure that I’m not making decisions and taking actions out of fear. When I employ mindfulness I’m aware of my motivations and drives for doing things. Once I realized that I’d been operating out of fear with many of my perfectionist tendencies, it helped me to re-examine the behavior and question whether or not it was serving me. (Link to original post)

The Head, Heart, and Body Connection – When I learned more about mindfulness and living life in an aware state, the idea spoke to me. Over time, practicing mindfulness helped me to see that I’d been living in a state of un-blissful lack of awareness. I started to see that the root of my unhappiness and discontent in life were that I wasn’t attuned to myself. I had no idea what I wanted, what I needed, or what made me happy. Once I recognized this void in myself, it helped greatly. Once I could see that the lack of awareness was the problem, I was able to better tackle the issue. (Link to original post)

Take Action: Living Life in the Driver’s Seat – it’s imperative to figure out what you want in life. Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting what you want. Once you know what you want in life, you can start figuring out how to get it. When you get clear on what you want, choices become easier to make because you now have a yardstick by which to measure if things are in alignment with what you want or not. Slowly, things start to get easier to weed out: does this serve what I want? Or not? Act and make decisions accordingly. Say no to anything that doesn’t feel right or is not in alignment with what you want your life to look like. (Link to original post)

How to Remain in Practice (Even When it’s Hard) – Maintaining motivation on difficult or long term creative projects can see impossible at times, but the real secret to success is persisting through the pain of not being very good yet or not feeling that sweet payoff each time you engage in the activity. Anything worth doing is worth ACTUALLY doing. Therefore, when writing felt hard, difficult, or nearly impossible for me to keep up, I persisted. (Link to original post)

Two bonus posts – for these two posts, I felt that my entire bulleted list was relevant.

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