Reinventing Myself (Again)

"Drink from the well of your self and begin again.” — Charles Bukowski

Hi there! I’m pleased to report that 2016 is off to a solid start for me, and I’m hoping you can say the same with your own life and endeavors. To be honest, I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be, but I truly am where I belong. Today I want to share some recent goings-on in my head and my life so you can get a better idea of where I’m coming from and where my life (and some of my projects) are headed.

Last year a completed a fantastic coaching training course — The Courageous Living Coaching Certification course. When I signed up for the course in fall of 2014, I didn’t do so with the intention of becoming a coach. What I’ve wanted for a long time was the coaching skill set. I don’t necessarily prefer spending my days coaching people, but I like incorporating coaching techniques into my work and my writing. The perspective of a coach has fascinated me for quite a while so I figured I’d become one to gain that perspective. I learned and grew so much in 2015 during my coaching program that even if I don’t take up coach professionally, the personal growth alone experienced during the program is totally worth the costs incurred. Seriously, I’ve changed and grown that much.

Further, I’ve taken a cue from the Bukowski quote above: I’m drinking from the well of myself and starting anew. When I was in my coaching course, I thought there might be some future for me in coaching, since I was learning the skill set and now actually have the certification, but my heart is not feeling called there. I’m still interested in writing as my primary craft. These days I’ve been doing some freelance writing coupled with my three active blogs. I’m always looking to expand my writing roles and responsibilities because I feel called to writing more than anywhere else. I like to write, and I feel great when I’m expressing myself via the written word. It’s the medium I feel most comfortable in.

Another big change taking place in just four short months is that Jeremy and I are going to start traveling full time. He’s leaving his job in engineering, and we’re going to slowly travel the world. Further, we’ll both be trying our hands at writing for a living while we travel. Of course, we’ll do other things if needed for income, but where we plan to focus most of our effort and time are on writing projects. We even have a podcast idea we’re toying with that’d develop out of a writing exercise we’re starting once we’re mobile. I’m thrilled about this! Truly, I can’t even describe how excited I am about our next step and stage of life. We’ve been slowly planning, plotting, and saving since August of 2013. It’s so well-beyond time for us to get a move on.

So what does all of this mean? Well, it means that I’m not focusing on coaching at all anymore. I do still coach here and there, and as I said, I use coaching ideas and theories in my work. However, I’m not identifying with the title of “coach” these days. It doesn’t feel right on me so I’m putting it aside for now. I’m still going to write on this blog because I love tackling personal development topics, but I’m shifting this blog’s focus and exploration of ideas toward peaceful living via meaningful connection, whether it be personal connection or interpersonal connection. I’ve been studying these ideas for a while, and I’m excited to bring them to you. I’m looking forward to sharing them.

To close, thanks for being here. I hope that this blog is, at minimum, entertaining and, at best, actually useful for you in your life. I appreciate the support and readership.