The Importance of Spaciousness

"Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it." - Dee Hock

Have you ever tried to be creative while under a great deal of stress or pressure? It’s not easy it, is it? Perhaps you’ve even tried and of course, found it nearly impossible. Even those who create professionally often have problems creating on demand, if their minds are too filled with non-creative thoughts or anxiety.

In order to create, we humans need space. The mind cannot create or be creative when it’s crammed full of to do lists, random tidbits of information, and stress. Quite simply, inspiration and clarity won’t come to us when our minds are jammed-packed with other things.

[ctt title=”The mind cannot be creative when it’s crammed full of to do lists, random tidbits, and stress.” tweet=”The mind cannot be creative when it’s crammed full of to do lists, random tidbits and stress. (via @addiekmartin) ” coverup=”F9Cwh”]

If you want to create, you’ll first need to create space. The importance of spaciousness cannot be overstated, and at bare minimum, you must disconnect from what stands between you and your creative pursuits.

In this way, making and taking the time to create is a gift. When you dedicate yourself to a creative endeavor, by extension, you grant yourself the space to create. If you need it, consider this your permission slip to simplify and relax.

Spaciousness allows the creative muses to visit and work their magic. You’ll be amazed at how quickly creative ideas and/or inspiration can come once you carve out time and space for your creative endeavor.

A great way to create space is to develop an opening ritual. Devote a particular area of your home to your creative endeavor — a comfy chair for sketching, repurposing your guest room for a painter’s studio, or sitting on your back porch swing with your cross stitching. To enhance the ritual, use the same area each time you set out to create. Unless, of course, mixing things up is what gets you going.

Before starting to create, give yourself a moment of peace and quiet. If you’re into meditation, try it for a few minutes. If a simple prayer is what gets you feeling peaceful and aligned, do that! The point is to start developing that sense of spaciousness between you and the rest of your day.

Now you’re ready to start on your project. Use silence if that feels right. If you need background music to drown out noise in the rest of your house, use it. Select something that’s right for your mood and what you aim to create. Music has an energy of its own and that’ll translate into your creation.

Starting your creative endeavor with a ritual will help you develop a sense of spaciousness. Declare your creativity time sacred and take care to not allow interruptions. When thoughts of work or obligations enter, observe them and then allow them to pass. If it helps to jot a note so you can deal with something later, go ahead, but don’t dwell on anything outside of your creative endeavor. Bottom line: guard your spaciousness like a hawk, and it’ll pay off.

As you learn how to incorporate spaciousness into your creative practice, you’ll likely find it easier to build it into other aspects of life as well. Spaciousness has a calming and peaceful effect, which also leads to stress reduction and mood improvements. It very well could be what’s missing from your life. Give spaciousness a try. There’s nothing to lose and so much to be gained.